Part 1: Words
Part 2: Portraits
Part 3: Protestors
The Protestor
Photographic series
Great Western Studios, London

“1984” was not supposed to be an instruction manual.

The Time person of the year 2011 was “the protester”.

Molins worked with Artists Project Earth (APE) a charity which funds groups and effective projects to raise awareness about and mitigate climate change. It’s float at Notting Hill Carnival; a film at the infamous Burning Man festival in Utah’s Black rock desert; it’s participation at the United Nations conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen in 2009 and Durban 2011; activist groups such as Liberate Tate which organized the Reverend Billy exorcism of BP at Tate modern. WE CAN a woman’s group that participated in Climate rush and organized their children to dress up as endangered animals and visit their MP’s; a Suffragette tea party at Heathrow airport against the third runway; recording sessions in Mali for the new Rhythms del Mundo Africa album; and lastly the Occupy camp in London.

The resulting images are an intimate portrait of people asking for change to unsustainable systems. There are echoes of the 60’s counterculture revolution in images such as “occupy the sky”. This new generation of protesters is media savvy, witty, creative and fun.

These images were exhibited alongside a film at Great Western Studios.

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