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Lost Sheep
(In development)

Addiction, suicide and mental health are at epidemic proportions around the world. LOST SHEEP is a journey into the strange existential world of the addict.

The film will subvert stereotypes, and question the context of addiction. We may start off by thinking that the Addict is the lost sheep but it will become apparent that many of our social and economic systems are quite lost too.

The addict is the voice of this film.

Addiction is a heartbreaking global epidemic, and society is at a crisis point. Every day more than 115 people in the United States die after opioid overdose. In the United Kingdom the super-strength skunk is fuelling the rise in mental health problems; schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, psychosis, delusions and hallucinations. Despite our increased awareness of the role of global big pharma on one hand, and the global trade of cheap illegal drugs on the other, these trends are rising not falling.

The fatal nature of the problem, along with its fall out of grief, heartbreak, crime, incarceration, broken family systems, and fractured dangerous communities, begs for an urgent and deeper understanding and analysis of cause not effect.

Not the earthquake, but the aftershock.

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