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Inland Island
Film (20 min)

Inland Island, is a 20-minute artists essay set in the Swiss Italian Alps. A serendipitous encounter thrusts the narrator on a journey from London’s Notting Hill Carnival to the St Bernard’s Pass in search of clues of her dead fathers past. The woman follows a female guide and with each step into the fertile strange landscapes, intriguing tales proverbs and memories are revealed.

Mapping the past through a present journey, the simple rhythm of walking transports them into a series of histories relating to Hentriette D’Angeville the first woman to climb Mont Blanc: Mary Shelley; and the monks and their St Bernard dogs.

The film is a philosophical reflection on travel, heritage, memory survivorship, geographical attachment; In this auto Ethnography, land becomes a map for documenting the ‘female journey' and themes regarding both our physical and psychological relationship to the environment are mapped, bridging the distinction between body and mind. The film offers a platform for discussions on the importance of walking and how we, as individuals, should pace our lives.

It was great to see your film, it is still whirring around my mind doing the things that art should do, sparking off thoughts and ideas. Really great, many thanks for the film and the ideas it is generating.

You gave us all such a gift with this film I can hardly express the depth with which it touched me.

I loved the journey and the wonderful correlation between walking and threads - in response to the broken snapshots of modern living! I loved your choice of language, so poetic and really held me captivated throughout. It was so visceral and felt I was travelling through the various perspectives of landscapes with you.

I was profoundly delighted in every scene and deeply moved by the thoughtful poetry of your film.

I knew I loved walking but now realise it is the mental/physical balance that makes it so perfect.

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