Don't Forget the Monkey

Where have we come from? where are we headed?

We have evolved from primates and Molins collects their image as a metaphor to question what are we evolving towards?

This web based work muses on and asks the simple question of where have we come from and what are we evolving to. Begun in the anniversary year of Darwins origin of the species, Molins photographs monkeys and apes and posts them on a photographic blog.

Molins made a postcard of her drawing on the back of an envelope of Kanzi a Bonobo who had learned to communicate using a keyboard with symbols, he understands thousands of words. At the UN Conference on Climate change in Copenhagen Molins left hundreds of these postcards at locations for the delegates to find and use and muse upon.

We have evolved from primates. Their image is everywhere: in the press; on the web; in shops; in the streets. We use them as logos, as security blankets, as decoration and in experiments. They represent our crazy world- our desires, needs, preoccupations, our creativity, our quirks as a species, and our consumption. The images range from the funny to tragic accounts of strange experiments in our quest for progress.